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Equity has become a popular choice for Indian investors, and its popularity continues to grow as India hits a higher growth trajectory. It’s not hard to figure out why shares are so popular – stock market investments have been offering higher returns in the past few years. Of course, past performance doesn’t guarantee future returns, and there is market risk involved in equity investments. But, market fluctuation hasn’t deterred investors.

Individuals or institutions cannot invest in stocks and shares directly. Investors have to do it through brokers or broking firms like Achintya. These brokers are members of the stock exchanges authorised to trade on them. However, since the number of brokers is quite small, most of the work of investing is in the hands of authorised persons.

Authorised persons don’t need to have higher education qualifications or years of experience to be an authorised person. However, some basic skills, like dedication and zeal to win, will come in handy if you want to be successful.

For example, knowledge of market movements and an acquaintance with the functioning of the stock market are qualities for any broker that would undoubtedly help. There must be awareness of shares listed on exchanges – what their potential is, the risks that are involved, and so on. An authorised person must be in a position to advise a client with confidence.

The person will also need excellent communication skills. He or she must be able to convince clients about the right way to invest in stocks. Since income will depend entirely on commissions earned, getting a large number of clients is essential. And this is not possible without excellent communication skills.



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Since the nineties, the popularity of equities as an asset class has been growing leaps and bounds. In a vibrant economy, the stock market has excellent potential, making it attractive for all investors. Retail investors, too, have taken to shares and stocks in a big way because of equity’s potential to earn high returns* and beat inflation.


Individual investors cannot invest in the stock market directly and have to do it through a broker. Achintya, being a broker, appoints authorised persons who help clients navigate the process of equity investing. The stock market will expand considerably in the years to come, making it more attractive for investors. This represents an opportunity, and the benefits of being an authorised person can be considerable indeed.


Entry barriers are not that high; all you need is an interest in the financial markets and the ability to communicate effectively with clients.


Authorised persons also have to play an educational role since financial awareness is still limited in this country. While investors may be eager to invest in the stock markets, they will need a considerable amount of handholding. For example, they may need to be informed about the kinds of stocks they should invest in, the returns they can expect, and the risks involved in equity investing.


You have to deposit a one-time refundable amount with Achintya to become an authorised person and start servicing clients. The potential to earn is reasonably high. We provide you with the expertise and infrastructure to acquire clients; the rest will depend on your willingness to work hard and be proactive.