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Derivative (Futures & Options) trading involves buying or selling derivative products. The idea is to hedge portfolio risks and make substantial gains from price volatility by paying nominal margins. They are called derivatives because they derive their value from underlying assets like equity, bonds, currency or commodities. To trade in derivatives, you will need an options or futures trading account.

Why do you need a derivative (Futures & Options) trading account?

  • You cannot directly trade in derivatives without opening a derivatives account with a listed brokerage. Seasoned brokerage houses like Achintya, are trading and clearing members of NSE f&o segment, and BSE derivatives segment. These members provide a gateway to the exciting world of derivative market. Currently, your equity trading account doubles up as a futures (and options) trading account.
  • When there is significant exposure in the underlying asset class, you need this type of account to hedge against market volatility.
  • Given that the margins are nominal, you can afford to take calculated risks in futures trading with the help of a derivative trading account.
  • Trading in derivatives allows one to hold the position for longer (as long as three months).
  • A derivative trading account with Achintya comes with these benefits:
    • Pan India Presence: You can trade from anywhere; geography is not a barrier anymore to open an options and futures trading account
    • Easy Access: You can access your account online as well as offline.
    • Regular Updates: You can get alerts like new schemes and offers.
    • Seamless Processes: An options and futures trading account with Achintya takes very little time to open. Moreover, with the help of online access and smart technology, investors need not maintain paper receipts for trade transactions.