Achintya Fly Dealer

Achintya Fly Dealer

Achintya Fly Dealer is an EXE based desktop software designed for active traders who transact frequently to capture favorable short-term price movements. The platform offers active traders the tools they need to make critical decisions with confidence.

Achintya Fly Dealer is designed and built from the ground up to address the needs of active traders. Achintya Dealer makes the most of state-of the-art technology to deliver power, speed and reliability. Through an easy-to-use interface, users are provided with the same tools and advantages that the professionals enjoy.

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Fully Customizable Display

The save desktop option allows you to save your created trade screen layout, so the next time you access the application the created layout is not lost.

Dynamic Charts with Indicators

Provides you a wealth of charting capabilities and timing indicators, which allow you to go right into the action with real-time daily charts, and intra-day charts. Watch price movements by minutes, days, or weeks.

Real-Time market data

Get real time market data from both the NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX similar to what your broker gets.

Live order status

Tracking all your orders is made easy through the order status screen. Further drill down into all details pertaining to an order is available in the order detail sub report.

Track your orders real time

Track your stock order and trades in real-time.

Real time position updates

All your positions are updated automatically and instantly. No need to use the refresh button at all.

Lock terminal option

If your system is unattended this function locks the trading platform for you and can be accessed again only on providing the proper login details.

Message window docking

This feature enables you to receive trading messages, intra-day trading calls, and messages from both the exchanges flashed real time onto your screen.