Achintya Fly

Achintya Fly

Achintya Fly is a browser-based system designed for customers who transact occasionally. It is ideal for investors who believe in the Buy and Hold approach towards investment in equities.

Achintya Fly’s capability as a browser-based trading platform gives you the benefit of real-time streaming data with the flexibility of trading on any Internet capable system. Achintya Fly sophisticated yet easy to use point and click order entry interface allows you to react more quickly to the markets and make better decisions

Achintya Fly


Instant loading

The browser-based applet system allows you instant access to your account with no wait time, unlike other systems that take a few minutes to load.

Works behind a Proxy

This platform can be accessed on any Internet enabled network. You can access it even from your place of work.

Live Streaming quotes

keep an eye on the stocks you care about most with streaming, real-time quotes and customizable market data. Color-coded price changes help you to spot trends and react to them quickly.

Multiple Watch lists

The new watch list option allows you to create multiple watch lists. Each watch list can be personalized by inserting securities which you would like view as a group.

Single market watch for Cash and FnO

Single market watch offers you the convenience of transacting in various segments of the market without having to switch between multiple windows.

Point and Click order entry

Makes order entry quick and simple with a click on the security the same gets inserted into the order form on your trade screen.

Market Depth Window

It gives an immediate "at a glance" info about the stock you are following. The view provides the best 5 bid and offer quotes and the outstanding order quantities